Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tweet Treats from the East of Sri Lanka

The following Tweets are from http://twitter.com/PassionParade by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai:-

• "I am your friend,I am your relative.Your prosperity is my aim" says posters in Chenkalady with the President's portrait.
• Election posters to support the current President Mahinda Rajapakse is emerging at Chenkalady' in Tamil in Blue and Orange.
• "We are nobody's people.Nobody cares for us"say Tsunami survivors in Saainthamaruthu.55 families,205 persons still live in tin sheds.
• "Bonded for Life" a catchy pay-off line by Mitsui Cement.Colourful hoardings are on display in the East.
• Bread man from the bakery in Batticaloa goes from lane to lane early in the morning.
• Flower plants on mobile in Batticalao.Plants are kept for sale on the streets in a lorry.
• 'Assalamu Allaikkum"wished a little boy in Saainthamaruthu.
• "You always travel though this way.Please proceed my Sister"said a Soldier with snowy smile at Onthaachchimadam.
• Colours of the sky overlap in Onthaachchimadam before the downpour.
• Mobile fish sellers capture the corners of the streets in the East as more and more fish is being caught due to the downpour.
• Kids enjoy getting soaked in rain drops in Kalmunai,Kaluwaanchchikudy,Kaluwarnkerny while cycling and walking.
• Spaceman scare crow stands still in an agri field in Saththurukkondaan.
• Cranes sit cutely on Cows and Buffalloes in paddy fields during the heavy rain.Scare crows stand still in the middle of the fields.
• Roadside shrines are on the move.Due to the expansion of the highways in the East, the shrines are being moved by few miles inland.
• Mother's Love on the street in Mailampaaveli.Cow feeds her calf charmingly.Cute to watch during the heavy rain.
• Sea Crows are Black in colour.Similar to normal crows,but smaller in size.Fly in high speed.
• Better balance by the Sea Crows Saththurukkondaan on the water.They stay still against the blowing wind.
• People of Saththurukkondaan say the Sea Crows are flying out from the sea in Batticaloa and come here.They slowly land on the lagoon water.
• Different designs are being drawn by the Sea Crows in the Grey sky of Saththurukkondaan.They follow each other neatly and nicely.
• It was refreshing to watch the scene of Sea Crows in large number, while the rain drops touch Saththurukkondaan in Batticaloa.
• The number of Sea Crows flocked in Saththurukkondaan is incredibly high.They filled the whole space in the sky over the lagoon.
• Passers-by called each other on mobile&asked them to watch out for any warnings of natural disaster as the Sea crows flocked in many numbers
• Sea crows in large flocks fly from the sea and gather over Batticaloa lagoon at dawn.This gorgeous view is witnessed in Saththurukkondaan.
• Heavy downpour continues in the East of Sri Lanka.It's the rainy season in the whole parts of East.Pot holes getting filled with flood water


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