Saturday, August 28, 2010

Visual Reponses During the War:Selected Works of Artists

In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace. The art of war is of vital importance to state. It is matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence under no circumstances can it be neglected”~ Sun Tzu , Chinese Military commander, (722–481 BC or 476–221 BC)

Visual Responses During the War:Selected Works of Artists Painting,Drawing,Sculpture,Installation and Photography is currently being held at Lionel Wendt Gallery&Harold Pieris Gallery in Colombo. The exhibition will remain open from 28th of August 2010 till 31st of August 2010.The gallery hours are from 10am to 7pm.22 artists are participating in the Visual Responses During the War:Selected Works of artists.The exhibition is organised by Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts.

Participating artists are as follows:-
Jagath Weerasinghe, Chandraguptha Thenuwara, Kingsley Gunatillake, Anoma Wijewardene, Muhanned Cader, T. Shanathanan, Kamala Vasuki, G.R. Constantine, Anoma Rajakaruna, T.P.G. Amarajeewa, Sujith Rathnayake, Inoka De Silva, Chammika Jayawardena, Kusal Gunasekara, Anura Krishantha, Vaidehi Rajasingham, Niluka Weerasinghe, Sanath Kalubadana, Prasanna Ranabahu, Bandu Manamperi, Sajeewani Hewavitharana and Kiko.

Artists have responded in various ways - some artists have chosen to respond directly to what was happening before them, while others responded indirectly

When tracing back the history of the responses, it is clear that the pogrom of July 1983 was a critical turning point for many artists

The history of Sri Lankan art turned a new page to respond to this new era and with it came the dawn of a new appreciation and audience

“I have enough guilt to start my own religion”, Acrylic on Paper, 1992-93 by
Jagath Weerasinghe

“Barrelism Tourist Map”, Mixed Media, 1997 by Chandraguptha Thenuwara

“War & Culture”, (Detail),Installation, Mixed Media, 2007 by Kingsley Gunatillake

"Quest", 2006 by Anoma Wijewardene

"Missing", Etching, 1995 by T.Shanaathanan

"Nightscape", Oil on Plywood by Muhanned Cader

"Broken Palmyrah”, Acrylic on Board, 1998 by G.R.Constantine

“ My Child is Not For War”, Acrylic on Paper, 2003 by Kamala Vasuki

"Women sharing life building peace”,1998 by Anoma Rajakaruna

After the Town Hall Bomb” ,Photocopy,Photograph, Acrylic Paint, Lace, Board,2000 by Sujith Rathnayake

“Welcome to Eastern Province”, Acrylic on Board, 2000 by T.P.G. Amarajeewa

“The Charming explosion”, Installation, Mixed Media, 2000 by Prasanna Ranabahu

“Camouflage”, Oil on Canvas, 2001 by Chammika Jayawardana

“Woven Boot”, Reeds, 2001 by Kusal Gunasekara

“Wreaths”, Installation, Mixed Media,2004 by Anura Krishantha

“The Instant Nirvana Private Ltd”. Installation, Mixed Media, 2001 by Bandu Manamperi

“Transit- I”, Etching,and “Transit- II”,Mixed media, 2008 by Vaidehi Rajasingham

“Letters”, Mixed Media, 2008 by Inoka De Silva

My Friend in the Corner Stand”, Installation, Mixed Media, 2003 by Sanath Kalubadana

“Camouflage lace”, Mixed Media on embroidery frame,2008 by Sajewani Hewawitharana

“ Stress Wheel Chair”, Oil on Canvas, 2008 by Niluka Weerasinghe

"Ganesh”, Acrylic on Paper, 2004 by Kiko


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