Saturday, July 21, 2012

Women strongly urge to stop the wave of violence against women and children

Women gathered to protest against the current spate of incidents of violence against women and children in Sri Lanka. The protest was organised by Women for Women. The protest was held at Lipton Circus on 20th July 2012. Women demanded the authorities to take immediate action and bring the perpetrators to justice, rather than making inappropriate comments!
Gathered to condemn
"It's your duty too!" protesters kept chanting in Colombo
"The Government has to take the full responsibility for the current surge in sexual offences in the country" ~ Convener, Kamini Vitharana
Make these "abusers" "accountable!"
"Don't Delay; Act NOW!" ~ Protesters demanded "
"Don't waste your precious votes for rulers who cannot safeguard women&children.Don't elect them in the future"~women kept chanting
Instant ideas during the protest
"Don't abuse the women;if you are "sick" go to the hospital!" women protesters demand
"What has the Government done to prevent this from happening?" ~ Rosy Senanayake, Parliamentarian, United National Party
"Don't protect the abusers; Punish them!" women demanded
"Where is Sri Lanka heading?"~700 cases of child abuse in 6 months!
A placard at the protest
The police say that "This is the fault of the parents!,Police ACT NOW!
"We have more than 2,500 years old Buddhist history. But you don't respect women!" ~ Visaka Dharmadasa
Many women's rights groups participated in the protest


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