Monday, December 03, 2012

A Green Protest

Text and pix by: ~Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

"These trees belong to us" ~ message in Tamil, and "Trees are our friends" ~ message in Sinhala

A silent protest with eco friendly banners, placards and posters was held recently, along Reid Avenue against felling of trees. It was organized by a group of concerned citizens.

We as citizens of Colombo city are saddened by this loss, and by the lack of information about public property. We reserve the rights to our public property, and therefore, demand information about changes to its status. No effort has been taken to enlighten the residents of Colombo city about the reasons for cutting down these trees” according to the group of concerned citizens.

We were told by the Director (Engineering) at the Colombo Municipal Council that primarily the roots of these trees have damaged the concrete pipes, sewerage systems and roads.  The roots of the trees were cut off to remedy the situation, and had made them unstable thereafter, and they needed to be cut for public safety” group of concerned citizens further said.

They also demanded that, a tree is planted for every tree cut in an effort to retain the natural character of Colombo city, and if these felled trees are sold, then the proceeds should be used for tree planting, root balling and other ways to protect trees.

"Reid Avenue?"

Protester walks with a message along Reid Avenue
Placard on a mat
Posters at the protest
"May We Not Forget.....It Is LOVE From The TREE That Is Our BREATH"
"You BREATHE because of ME!"

"Trees Are Alive, but Defencelss: Trees are Living beings"
Protester on Reid Avenue
"Help us BREATH; Save A TREE!"

Placard on card board
"Who will shade you now?"
Preparing on the street for the protest

HUG a tree
Message on a mat
"Don't we have the rights to protect the rights of the trees?" ~ placard in Sinhala
Handmade placard at proest
Cloth banners at the protest
"Our Forefather Raised them, It's we who must PROTECT them" ~ Old Chipka Song in Garhwali language

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