Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Heritance Kandalama: To get married in style

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”~ Mignin McLaughlin, June 6, 1913 - December 20, 1983, American Journalist and Authour

Heritance Kandalama Hotel is a five star luxury hotel, which is covered by lush foliage and rocky mountains. The hotel environment invites birds, butterflies, dragonflies and animals. The hotel was designed by world renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa.It was opened for business in 1994 as Kandalama Hotel, after the refurbishment it was relaunched as Heritance Kandalama Hotel in 2006.
Estelle Cousins and Robin Farmer got married at Heritance Kandalama on November 12th 2009. They are from Upper Basildon, Berkshire, in the United Kingdom, and have decided to get married with Sri Lankan touch. They were amazed by the green philosophy which the Heritance Kandalama follows in order to protect the environment. This particular hotel attracts more foreign tourists for its natural dreamscape.

Sunrise view from Heritance Kandalama

View of Heritance Kandalama

Beautiful wedding cake for Estelle Cousins and Robin Farmer

Love Birds carved by the Chief Chef Anil

Wedding cake in Palymyrah leave box

Wedding rings

Nishantha Jayathilaka and Sagarika Priyangani of Heritance Kandalama Hotel

Architectural view of Kanchana Terrace

Kandyan dancers take the lead

Heritance Kandalama Hotel is covered under clouds during a heavy downpour

Robin Farmer is being accompanied to the wedding hall

A spectacular view of the Kandalama Lake and the Sigiriya rock fortress from the Kanchana Terrace

Estelle Cousins is being accompanied to the wedding hall

Performance by the Kandyan dancers

Main marriage ceremony is taking place

The hotel is designed to receive enough natural light

Wooden mask at the hotel

Traditional wedding is taking place at Kanchana Terrace

Gold thread is tied on fingers of the bride and bridegroom

Poruwa Charitra

Pouring water during the ceremony

Main ceremony gets underway

Gihan presents the wedding rings to the couple

Estelle Cousins gets her wedding ring from her husband Robin Farmer

Robin Farmer gets his ring from his wife Estelle Cousins

Happily married couple

In Kanchana Terrace

After the ceremony

Newly wed couple lighting the traditional oil lamp

Posing for photos

Celebration of Love