Sunday, April 25, 2010

Through the Eastern Eyes III: Ninthavur

“Photojournalism provokes conversation and though which all good journalism should do. The exhibition provides an excellent teaching opportunity, fostering discussion about how we cover events of our time the need of society while talking about the profession and craft of journalism”~ Michael Parks (April 24, 1940-), American Actor and Singer

The youth of Ninthavur have taken a new turn in their lives today. They have had their maiden photo exhibition in their village. The 12 member Photo Voice team has undergone a professional training in Photo Journalism for one year, which was provided by Terre des hommes. The youth were trained professionally to handle still cameras, light, angles, composition, capture various moments, write caption and make a photo journal. Five villages from Batticaloa district and five villages from Ampara district were chosen and the youth were trained. The villages are namely Kalkuda, Kaluwankerny, Paalaiyadiththoona, Poonochchimunai and Puthukkudiyiruppu from Batticaloa district Kaaraitheevu, Ninthavur, Oluvil, Periyaneelaavanai and Saainthamruthu from Ampara district.

The photos taken by the youth in Ninthavur were displayed at today’s exhibition. The have highlighted the need to upgrade the facilities for the special need people in order to look after them well in Ninthavur. The photo voice team of Ninthavur has members from Muslim community. Photo Exhibition by the youth from Ninthavur was held on April 25th 2010 at the Al-Matheena Vidyalayam which was organized by Terre des hommes .

Ninthavur which is situated in Ampara district between Saainthamaruthu and Oluvil. It has a total population of 42,600 people. There are 19,500 males and 23,100 females currently live in Ninthavur according to the Grama Sevaka official. Most of the men are fishermen, while some of them do cultivation.

A view of the venue

Ninthavur Photo Voice Team

Villagers viewed the exhibition in large numbers

Map of Ninthavur

Neigbours viewing the exhibition

Sharing what they have learnt

Stakeholders in Ninthavur

Another section of the exhibition

Photos displayed at the exhibition

Future of Ninthavur

Comments are being made

Many attended the exhibition despite the hot weather


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