Monday, February 01, 2010

Glimpses of Galle Literary Festival 2010

“Every man’s memory in his private literature”
~Aldous Huxley –English Novelist and Critic (1894-1963)

The Galle Literary festival 2010 began on January 28th 2010 inside the 17th century Dutch Fort. It goes on till February 2nd 2010.Many flocked the heritage city Galle during the long weekend to witness the Galle Literary festival 2010 during the long weekend. Festival-goers explored the literary as well as the visual, architectural, and even botanical arts. Galle is known for its rich colonial heritage.About 4,000 visitors attended the Galle Literary Festival 2010.

The Galle Literary Festival is hosted by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau with Sri Lankan Airlines including The Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the British Council.

Galle Literary Festival 2010-January 28th-February 2nd 2010

Sun and sand are enjoyed in the South

An ancient Anchor in Galle

Maritime Museum in Galle

Clock Tower in Galle

The Galle Literary festival also promotes reading and creative writing in 25 schools in rural Sri Lanka

Many events are organised for the visitors to explore and indulge

Book lovers at the festival

Galle has been established as a literary hub

Sculptures at the back entrance of the Galle Fort

Taking a break from the schedule

Galle Literary festival is an annual event, which began in 2007

The surrounding is seen busy

Valentine's Day gifts are on sale at the festival

The festival attracted local tourists as well

Musical performance by the festival-goers

Muslim men on their way to the Mosque for Jumma prayers

Galle provides the perfect place for gathering of poeple around the world

Sri Lanka's famous sports Cricket is being played in the vicinity

Dutch Reformed Church in Galle

A catchy quote caught my eyes

Souvenir for the festival

Festival-goers going through the Graffiti

Sculptures at the main entrance of the Galle Fort

King Coconut seller at the scene

Tourists flocked the festival

Roti is being made at the snack corner

International writers signing the books at the event

Ash tray made out of Coconut shell

Sunset at Galle


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