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Sri Krishna Jayanthi: Spread the Melody of LOVE

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences”~ Morgan Scott Peck,American Psychiatrist and best-selling author,( May 1936 –September 2005)

Sri Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated on 1st of September 2010 with pomp and splendor. Lord Krishna was born to King Vasudevan and Devaki. Lord Krishna was born on Rohini star during the Tamil month of Aavani. Sri Krishna is considered as the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu's. It is also known as "Krishnashtami","Saatam Aatham" ,"Gokulashtami", "Ashtami Rohini”, "Sri Jayanthi" or sometimes merely as "Janmashtami". Special celebrations were held at Arulmigu Sri Venkadeswara Mahavishnumoorthy Devasthaanam in Nedimala-Dehiwala. Special poojas were held to mark the occasion. Devotees sang devotional songs praising the Lord Krishna.

The two days long festival ended with Uriyadi Utsavam on 2nd of September 2010. Many devotees who gathered to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna spent the night at the temple and witnessed the rare event of Uriyadi Utsavam. Lord Krishna’s birthday was observed with fasting and feasting.

New born Baby Krishna is bathed and adorned with new cloth,fresh flowers and Gold jewelleries

Selected shades are used for the sculptures

Devotees believe Lord Krishna is the ultimate savior

Thaalaattu is being sung to put the Baby Krishna to a beautiful sleep at midnight

The whole temple is decorated for the celebration

He was born on a dark and stormy night

Traditional decorations around the temple

Lord Krishna can be regarded as a lover,friend,divine guru or even one’s own child

Conch is a symbol of existence

Sri Krishna Jayanthi is a promising day to start a new relationship or to strengthen the existing one

Priests carry out a special prayer

On September 1st,the planet of romance Venus comes out of its debilitation sign Virgo, and enters Libra, which rules beauty and harmony

Tumeric shower for the just born baby

The history of Janmashtmi dates back to thousand years

Pure Milk shower is being offered to the Baby Krishna

Lord Sivalingam at Arulmigu Sri Venkadeswara Mahavishnumoorthy Devasthaanam in Nedimala-Dehiwala

Cool shower for the Baby Krishna

Rows of conch are purified and decorated

Milk Rice is being offered

He is the darling of the gopis (cowherd maidens) who are charmed by the melody of his flute

He is considered to be the Lord's most glorious incarnations

Devotees observe this day as a day of fortune

This transit augurs well for attracting loving relationships

Kumbam is being taken on a parade

Sacred water is being poured on Lord Krishna from the main Kumbam and Valampuri Sanku

Worshipers pray Dhanvantari seeking his blessings for sound health

The Chief Priest of Arulmigu Sri Venkadeswara Mhavishnumoorthy Devasthaanam Somaskantha Chandrakantha Kurukkal performs the special pooja

Dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna are depicted in many scupltures

Religious parade in the night

Devotees gathered in large numbers for the festival

Lord Krishna rides the chariot for Prince Arjunan during the Kurushethra war

Festive look and devotional mood are set

Celebrations are extremely colourful

Sculpture of Srisakkaraththaazhvaar

Valampuri Sanku (Valampuri Conch) is set in a Kumbam

The day is treated as one of great rejoicing

Idols of Lord Raamar,Seetha and Lakshmanan

According to Hindu legends Lord Krishna has taken birth in the jail where his atrocious maternal uncle Kansa was keeping his parents in prison

Lord Krishna's enchanting form with flute in hand is worshipped in myriads at homes and temples

Decorated deity of Sri Venkadeswara Mahavishnu at sanctum at Arulmigu Sri Venkadeswara Mahavishnumoorthy Devasthaanam in Nedimala-Dehiwala

Aathi Naaraayana Perumal

Beautifully decorated Lord Krishna sits in the Vansantha Mandapam

Worshiping Lord Krishna brings perfect harmony

Idol of Lord Krishna is covered with incense smoke

Mahavishnu and Mahalakshmi

Wooden carved Chariot

Lord Krishna is the source of joy

Traditional musicians continue to play for the ceremony

Several sages and seers have paid homage to Lord Krishna

Ghee lamps are lit

Special Sandalwood dress for Paarvathy Ammaiyaar

According to the Hindu legends Lord Krishna saves the good people from the evil

Many Saint have sung glorious verses in praise of Lord Krishna

"Marunththu" is a special item made and shared with the devotees on this special day

An array of beautiful sculpture

An earthen pot of fresh curd hangs on a branch of Banyan tree

An idol of Lord Iyappan

Lord Krishna loves milk and milk products

Baby cots hang on Banyan tree which are vows by the devotees

The Vedic scriptures depict Lord Krishna as playing multiple roles during different phases of his life

Sweet sculptures of Pathmaavathy Kalyaanam

Krishaan Karunakaran who pretended to be the Lord Krishna managed to hit the earthern pot of fresh curd

Cute sculptures add colour to the temple

Lord Krishna performed many divine sports (Leelai) as a child

Lovely line of birds t dawn in Nedimala-Dehiwala
Baby Krishna is in a beautiful flower cradle at midnight

Lord Krishna is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion

Snakes were seen as entities of strength and renewal in cultures and religion

Krishaan Karunakaran is being polished with fresh curd on his cheeks

Broken earthen pot

Fresh curd spilled over on the temple ground

Lord Krishna is known for his bravery in destroying evil powers throughout his life

Beautiful sculptures depicting Sri Lakshmi Kalyaanam

Lord Krishna represents a person of perfection

Lord Krishna was the unchallenged hero of his times
Lord Krishna is known for his mischievous nature

"Krishnaism" consider Lord Krishna to be "Svayam Bhagavan" or the Supreme Being

"I am very happy to be dressed as Lord Krishna and hitting an earthernpot of fresh curd" says Krishaan Karunakaran (9)

The Moon which represents the mind and emotions is exalted in the Rohini star

Prasaatham is being shared with the devotees


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