Friday, December 10, 2010

“Pillaiyar Perunkathai"~To Echo Glory and Eternal Bliss

Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your weight rests. It’s a miracle and the dance is a celebration of that miracle”~ Martha Washington,(1789-1797),(American First Lady~George Washington’s Wife)

Dressed up with fresh multi flower garlands, Silver umbrella,silk shawl and ceremonial attire Brass Panchchamuga Vinayagar (Five Faced Pillaiyar) parades slowly

“Pillaiyar Perunkathai” (Story of Lord Vinayagar) ends today~10th of December 2010. Devotees used to gather at Pillaiyar temples and read “Pillaiyar Perungathai” as a group.

Normally 21 days of fast is observed and special poojas are performed are performed during this period. “Gajamugasoora Samhaaram” is held at the end of the “Pillaiyar Perunkathai” at Lord Vinayayagar temples. “Gajamugasoora Samhaaram” was held at Sri Maanikka Vinayagar temple in Bambalapitty on 10th of December 2010 amidst heavy downpour.

Traditionally decorated Sri Maanikka Vinayagar temple in Bambalapitty

Brothers Muthaiah Ravichandran and Muthaiah Ranjithkumar are seen busy making flower garlands for the ceremony

Heavy downpour stopped for a while

Beautiful sculptures at another entrance of the temple

Pigeon cage at the temple

Heavy downpour at dusk

Somaskanda Ramesh Kurukkal dresses Soorapathman

Idol is being brought out for the celebration

Soorapathman is dressed up for the festival

Ride for Soorapathman in Bambalapitty

Pigeons seeking refuge between sculptures in the temple

On reverse motion long Galle Road in Bambalapitty

A curious kid at the temple

Heavyweight Soorapathman is being carried by men

Traditional musicians accompany the idol

Men carry and wait in the compound

Pigeon walks on a cold day in Bambalapitty

Traditionally dressed men carry the idol of Lord Vinayagar

Soorapathman on forward and backward position to confuse Lord Vinayagar

"Theevatti" or coconut oil torch is carried during the procession

Many sound such as roaring are being played via loud speaker while the ceremony takes place outside

An Iyappan devotee in Black attire

Soorapathman is under many masks

Unique action by men devotees~face to face fight between Lord Vinayagar and Soorapathman

Clouds gather as night calls

Rain soaked Kopuram of Sri Maanikka Vinayagar temple in Bambalapitty

Jak fruit in the temple compound

"Stay calm, be cool, hold tight,and move slowly" men devotees exchange while carrying heavy Soorapathman and Lord Vinayagar facing each other in a circle

Men devotees rock the Soorapathman

Soorapathman is being defeated

King Coconut in a Tuk Tuk in Bambalapitty

Procession in th temple compound at night

Colourful parade in the night

Devotees for the ceremony at night

Parade through camphor smoke

Men carry the heavy Lord Vinayagar and his divine vehicle Mouse at night

Night view of the Kopuram of Sri Maanikka Vinayagar temple in Bambalapitty

Tired men devotees bring the Lord Vinayagar carefully back into the temple

Pigeons peck on a rainy day in the temple compound

Lord Vinayagar takes a ride on his divine vehicle Mouse after the victory

Variety of Dhoti worn by men for the ceremony

After a long parade outside the temple

Men devotees keep rocking the decorated Lord Vinayagar on their shoulders

Beautiful home coming for the Lord Vinayagar


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