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“Shashdiyapthapoorthi Vizha” :Celebration of spiritual and social obligations for a blissful life

“Let there be many windows to your soul that all the glory of the world may beautify it”~Ella Wheeler Wilcox, (1850-1919), (American Poet and Writer)

“Shashdiyapthapoorthi”- the term in numerology denotes sixty. The completion of sixty years is referred to as “Shashdiyapoorthi”. The term is derived from Sanskrit which means Shashdi-Sixty, Abda-Years and Poothi-Completion. “Shashdiyapthapoorthi”is celebrated when the husband completes 60 years, if the wife is alive and both living together.

It is a memorable milestone in everybody’s life. “Shashdiyapoorthi Shanthi Vizha” should be performed in the sixtieth year and in the same month and day of birth according to the Tamil Almanac. “Shashdiyapthapoorthi” is mostly celebrated by Brahmin men in Sri Lanka.

The Chief Priest of Naattukkottai Nagaraththaar Sri Kathirvelaayuthaswamy temple (New Kathiresan temple) in Bambalapitty Kiriyakalamani, Sivagamashironmani, Aagamasoodaamani Brahmasri Jagannatha Nagaraja Kurukkal celebrated the “Shashdiyapoorthi” recently with his wife Shrimathi Thevamanohari. “Shashdiyapoorthi Shanthi Vizha” was held at the New Kathiresan temple hall on 21st October 2010. Relatives, friends, devotees and well-wishers attended the ceremony in large number, blessed the couple and got blessed.

Lord Vinayagar in the sanctum is dressed in White Silk for the ceremony

Beautifully dressed in Brahmin style Kiriyakalamani, Sivagamashironmani, Aagamasoodaamani Brahmasri Jagannatha Nagaraja Kurukkal with his wife Shrimathi Thevamanohari

View of the Manavarai. It is a decorative seat where the Bride and Bridegroom sit during the wedding

A warm welcome to all

The whole family prostrate for 16 times together

Traditionally set up Kumbam and Kuththu Vilakku to welcome the invitees

Purified water in 150 Kumbams for the sacred shower of th couple

Homam is being offered

150 Kumbams are being blessed

They are blessed for a long blissful life

Viewing their faces in the waves of Gingelly oil

A grandchild needs attention in the middle of the ceremony

They are being worshipped as God and Goddess on this special day

Mirror is shown to the couple

Gold is considered sacred

Invitees entering the venue

Gold is kept on the head as a blessing

The ceremony is ideal to set an example to their own family and society

Sacred shower for longevity

Colourful decorations around the temple

The celebration is usually organised by the couple’s children, younger siblings and grand children

The Chief priest of Sammaankodu Sri Maanikka Vinayagar temple Sitsabesa Kurukkal (also known as Mani Iyer)is seen giving the sacred shower

Decorations at the main entrance of the Naattukkottai Nagaraththaar Sri Kathirvelaayuthaswamy temple

Sacred shower is being given by another priest

Fellow priest Ratnasabapathy Sasithara Sharma pours the purified water

Traditional musicians keep playing when the sacred shower takes place

New clothes are given by the family members

Family members are being blessed

After a cold shower in the temple compound

Traditional welcome with Banana tree,Banana and thoranam at the main entrance

Brahmin women are seen accompanying the couple in silk

Sri Iyappathasa Kurukkal accompany the couple

Aararththy is being performed

Couple in Blue being traditionally welcomed

Rituals are taking place

Well-wishers decorated the temple hall for the ceremony

Offerings included variety of grains,jaggery,silk,pillow,umbrella and walking stick

Many invitees began to capture the space as the auspicious time approached

Many offerings for the ceremony

A Gent's Umbrella is being offered as a gift

Traditional musicians adding colour to the ceremony

A walking stick is being gifted to another priest

Thaali is being taken for blessings

Akin to the renewal of marital vows

A memorable turning point in eveyrybody's life

Thaali is shown to all before tying

Jagannatha Nagaraja Kurukkal ties a Thaali to his wife Shrimathi Thevamanohari

Blessings by the main priest of the ceremony Mahatheva Kurukkal from Jaffna

Kumkumam or vermilion is offered to the women after tying the Thaali

A touching moment of mellowed life

Well-wishers at the event

Decorations for the ceremony

Purified rice is used to bless the couple

Traditionally made Rotty

"Kalyana Veduka" is a reminder of the unique role which they have to play in the years to come

Priests from all over the Island are taking part in the ceremony

The Chief Priest of Naattukkottai Nagaraththaar Sri Kathirvelaayuthaswamy temple (New Kathiresan temple) in Bambalapitty Kiriyakalamani, Sivagamashironmani, Aagamasoodaamani Brahmasri Jagannatha Nagaraja Kurukkal performs pooja in the sanctum after the ceremony

Fellow priest gets blessed

The Chief priest of Arulmigu Sri Venkadeswara Mahavishnumoorthy Devasthaanam Somaskantha Chandrakantha Kurukkal and his wife at the ceremony

"Jagannaatham"-a book is released on the same day


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