Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lifestyles of Jaffna ~ Rare Exhibition Showcases the Richness of Tradition

Kolam ~ Traditional design made with variety of grains

Lifestyles of Jaffna is currently being held at the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna. Artifacts collected from the people of Jaffna are on display. The unique exhibition will continue till 27th of September 2011 from 9am to 4pm. There are research papers read by the Tamil and Sinhala scholars from Sri Lanka and India during a seminar held simultaneously in Jaffna.

Views from the Lifestyles of Jaffna site:~

The exhibition is an eye opener. I gained more knowledge about our unique heritage after viewing the exhibition. Although, I am student of arts, I did not know much about our unique heritage. The exhibition paved way to learn more. We ought to preserve our precious heritage” shares Rasapatham Karunanithy, third year student of Arts at the University of Jaffna.

We, Jaffna Tamils are unique in every way such as dresses, festivals, food, handicrafts and rituals. But due to the prolonged war, we have lost many of our traditional items and values” shares Gowry Karunakaran with frustration.

Efforts to have an exhibition such as this is appreciative, because it gives a chance for knowledge transformation about uniqueness and traditional cultural aspects of Tamil of Jaffna Peninsula. And this effort has to be an ongoing process” shares Balachandran Nirooparaj from Jaffna.

Cow dung, turmeric and wheat flour are used to make the traditional design

Traditional decoration to welcome

Traditional welcome for the chief guest and invitees

The Chief Guest, Director General of Archaeological Department Dr. Senarath Dissanayake declares open the Lifestyles of Jaffna

Viewers getting involved in the products on display

Exhibits are displayed in Jaffna

Chief Guest, Director General of Archaeological Department Dr. Senarath Dissanayake views the exhibition

Vintage car is parked at the exhibition site

School children are viewing the unique exhibition

Archeological sites in Jaffna


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