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The Spirit of Kannagi Amman

Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai in Vattraappalai, Mullaithivu District

Hindus believe Kannagi has miraculous powers  

Situated in close proximity to the "Nanthikkadal" lagon in the Mullaithivu District is the quaintly beautiful Vattraappalai Kannagi Amman temple. Dedicated to Goddess Kannagi, who arrived from India after having burnt the city of Madudai. Vattraappalai ~ it is believed was the 10th place where she rested after arriving in Sri Lanka.

Legend has it that Vattraappalai was where she rested and her anger receded. Hindus believe Vattraappalai Kannagi Amman to be a deity of both miracles and mysteries. The temple is especially popular among Tamil Hindu women in Sri Lanka, because of her extraordinary power of blessing single women to find life partners.

Devotees from all corners of Sri Lanka travel to Vattraappalai during the Tamil Month of May (Vaikaasi Visaakam day ~ which falls in latter part of May or beginning of June) to fulfill their vows by making “Sakkarai Pongal” (Sweet Rice), and offer it to Goddess Kannagi. This annual event adds fervor to the festivities in Vattraappalai.

The temple stood tall during the height of the war (especially during the last phase) except minor damages and losses to its properties. “The foundation stone was laid to build a temple tower in 1982, but due war and displacement, the construction work could not be continued. After the resettlement in 2010, the consrtuction work was resumed and a “Kumbaabhishekam” (consecration) was held in April 2011. Daily Poojas (offerings) are being conducted now” according to the chief priest of the temple Kulasekaram Thirukrishnabhavan.

Famous Vattraappalai Kannagi Amman temple stands on the banks of "Nanthikkadal"

Statues at the entrance

Kannagi's history in sculptures

"Historically" famous "Nanthikkadal"

Sculpture depicting an annual offering of "Pongal" by the devotees

Captivating view of the temple

Statue of young Kannagi

Another painting depicts a Hindu ritual

Statuesque of Kannagi Amman temple in Vattraappalai, Mullathivu district

Painting depicts the special "Pongal"

Scene in sculpture

Statues adorn the temple tower

Painting dedicated by a devotee

Sculpture depicting Kannagi's anger

Vows are made by devotees

Painting adds colour to the temple wall

Inside view of the beautiful tower with religious sculptures

"Burn camphor here" reads the notice

 Yet another painting on the temple wall  



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