Friday, December 14, 2012

The Temple of Living Beings

Text and pix by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai
Hermit occupies the temple compound

"Pashupathinath" temple stands as a symbol of faith, religion, cultural and tradition with its astonishing architectural beauty in the middle of Kathmandu valley. The temple is popularly known as “The Temple of Living Beings”. Pashupathinath temple is situated on the banks of Bagmati river in the eastern part of the capital city Kathmandu, and its existence dates back to 400 A.D. Pashupathinath temple is one of the most sacred Lord Siva temples in the world, and is the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal. Lord Pashupathinath is regarded, and worshipped as the national deity of Nepal.

“Pashupathinath” means “Respected Protector” (“Pashu” means organism, “Pathi” means protector, and “Nath” means Lord). Worship of Lord Pashupathinath has been in practice during the ancient civilization of “Harappa”. The temple attracts thousands of pilgrims annually from other parts of Nepal, and world. Hindu funeral rites are performed, and bodies are cremated along the Bagmati riverside.

The temple compound is colourfully occupied by male and female saints, cows and pigeons, boutiques selling divine items for prayer offerings, fresh flower garlands, Rudraakasha beads (or called as prayer beads), and brass deities.

Decorated Lord Sivalaingam
Crossed leg Lord Murugan
Women pilgrims stay permanently at Pashupathinath temple compound
Cows and pigeons occupy temple compound
Fascinating fresh flower garlands hand\g along the streets
Catching up with news amidst a busy day
Snake sculptures around the temple
Crossed leg Lord Pillaiyaar
Mouthatering "TheanKuzhal" attacts honey bees
Eye-catching beads chains
An array of "Rudraaksha" beads (also known as prayer beads)
Deity carved in brass
Fresh flowers and raw rice offered to Lord Pillaiyaar
Shiny peacock feathers
Deity along the street
Fresh flower garlands reflect to sunshine during winter

Items for offerings
Bustling street scene
Guarding statue of lion
Woman during winter
Flowers offered to deities
Colourful wrist bands
Lord Sivaperman, Goddess Paarvathi and their eldest son Lord Pillaiyaar at a stall
Soothsayer in the vicinity
Vermilion for sale
Captivating sculptures on the arch
Business begins quite early despite winter

Pictorial on Ceylon Today



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