Friday, April 29, 2011

Dazzling Chariots parade as Tamil New Year dawns in Jaffna

Flower petals are sprinkled as the deities leave for a colourful parade

The annual chariot or cart festival of Arulmigu Sri Ambalavaana Vetha Vinaayagar Temple in Thaavady, Jaffna was held on 14th of April 2011, on கரா ~ “Kara” Tamil Hindu new year day. Arulmigu Sri Ambalavaana Vetha Vinaayagar Temple is also known as Thaavady Pillaiyar temple.

A large number of devotees thronged the temple in the morning to take part in religious activities. Polished Brass deities had a divine bath at dawn, decorated with fresh flower garlands and silk clothes, they were carried by men devotees on their shoulders inside the temple, and brought out after an hour long colourful procession with prayers. Lord Vinayagar, Lord Murugan and Goddesses Valliyammai and Thievayaanai and Lord Sandeswarar were paraded in three chariots.

Three chariots were pulled by men and male kids, while women devotees joined them by carrying hot clay pot of burning camphor either on their heads or palms.

Beautifully decorated deities are being paraded

Coconuts are being smashed

"Geethaasaaram" at the entrance

An unusual version of Lord Pillaiyaar

A heap of coconuts kept in front of the main chariot for smashing as it leaves

A woman devotee prays inside the temple

Brass idols of four famous Sage

Colourful candy stall

View of vicinity during the festivity

Toys stall in Thaavady

Tireless men are seen carrying the heavyweight deities on their shoulders

Periyampillai Subramaniam (63) and his wife Annalakshmi Subramaniam (55)sell peanuts during the temple festival

As the dazzling chariots parade on an extremely warm day

The main chariot carries decorated Lord Panchcha Muga Vinaayagar ~ deity with five faces

Devotees at the festival

Men camphor carriers at the festival,which is quite a rare occasion in Jaffna

Decorated deities Lord Murugan,Goddesses Valliyammai and Theivayaanai in the chariot and on a parade

View of the Kopuram and Chariot together on “Kara” Tamil Hindu New Year

Women devotees are seen fulfilling their vows

Cute wooden carvings on the main chariot

Decorated idol of Sandeswarar parades

Peanuts for sale in a nearby stall

Vaithilingam Gunarajah (56) and his son Gunarajah Mithuraj (5)enjoy pulling the Lord Sandeswarar's chariot

Men devotees are seen fulfilling their vows

Men are seen pulling the chariot. This photo was taken while I steadily move being under and stooped with the speed of the main chariot which was moving with heavyweight

devotees thronged in large number despite the unusual warm weather

Traditional Thavil and Naathaswaram musicians take the lead

Scene in the vicinity

View of தண்ணீர்ப் பந்தல் ~ "Thanneer Panthal" ~ free drinks stall to quench thirst

Please click to view more photos of the chariot festival.

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