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Through the Northern Eyes ~ An Exhibition of Photographs

Photojournalism provokes conversation and though which all good journalism should do. The exhibition provides an excellent teaching opportunity, fostering discussion about how we cover events of our time the need of society while talking about the profession and craft of journalism”~ Michael Parks (April 24, 1940 ~ ). American Actor and Singer

Sinnapillai Sinnamuthu (68) is a widow, her daughter is a widow and her grand daughter is a widow due to the bloody war in Sri Lanka

The first ever photo journalism exhibition was held in Jaffna from 21st of November 2011 to 23rd November 2011 at Media Resources and Training Centre, University of Jaffna. Photos taken by the participants were on display. They were trained in basics in photojournalism, difference between photography and photojournalism, camera handling, light, angles, composition, capture various moments including news photos, write caption, ethics, safety for photojournalists and visual story telling through photo journal. The professional training was conducted for 10 days. Journalism students (diploma and degree) and working journalists in the peninsula including some senior men journalists have shown great interest in learning from a woman trainer.

They have managed to capture photos, despite the continuous heavy downpour in Jaffna. Photos depicting fishing, demining, resettlement, historical buildings and places, livelihood, religious rituals, people and post war development were captured vividly. Most of them shared with me during the training "Miss!, I never handled a camera, and do you really want me to go to the field and capture photos? How can I do?". But, I am glad to note and share that they have captured terrific moments of life in the north of Sri Lanka.

I never thought that ethics should be followed in photo journalism as well. But now, I am trained to follow ethics while taking photos” shares Puvitha Paramalingam, student of diploma in journalism.

Photographs illustrate the lifestyles of Jaffna peninsula.

I am glad to see the authentic Jaffna culture is depicted in the photos displayed on the wall around us. We have great potential. We should explore our hidden talents more and more” says Vice Chancellor of University of Jaffna Professor Vasanthy Arasaratnam.

The term "photo journal" or "pictorial" or "photo essay" was new to many.

An excellent collection of photographs are displayed. More of this kind of training for media is needed” says Daya Master, Head of Operations, DAN TV with his usual big smile.

Although I am unable to understand Tamil, but I can see the destruction caused by the conflict through these photos” shares a Sinhala viewer.

"Please extend training such as this to devastated Vanni region as well. People in Vanni need to learn too" a humble and emotional request is made by Latha Kodeeswaran while tears filled her eyes.

Photo journal of fishing story in Munai, Point Pedro

Participants with the trainer

The Chief Guest, Vice Chancellor of University of Jaffna Professor Vasanthy Arasaratnam is taking a closer look at the photos

1930 ~ 1950 is considered the "Golden Age"of photojournalism

Senior lecturer of Lingustics, University of Jaffna Vimal Swaminathan viewing the exhibition

This is the first exhibition for many participants

Many photos foster discussions

Rare opportunity to view photos related to news

Photos of current resettlement in Selvapuram in Maavittapuram

An array of angles taken by the participants

Photos Palmyrah weavers from Tholpuram

Photos of footwear maker Velautham Uthayashankar in Vathiri

Daya Master viewing the rare exhibition

Students of Jaffna Hindu Collge viewing the photojournalism exhibition

Photos of a painter and his paintings at Maavittapuram Kanthaswamy temple which is currently being renovated

Photos of tobacco makers Ponnuththurai Suntharalingam and Azhagar Vairavanathan from Navakkiri

Photos of roosters in Maruthankerny at early morning

Photo of rare religious rituals in Mallaagam

Sharing some moments

Photos of demining in Thellippalai

Photos of traditional livelihood of Jaffna

Photos of Manalkaadu in Jaffna

Photo of freshly caught fish

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This is brought me back again to the moments and place where I was walking as a student and then a trainer for hunting journalistic photos, More than a story, some of them have soul of change! I feel it from most of your photos.well Done Dushi!You transferred your skills better to these trainees!

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