Friday, October 12, 2012

Women activists demand the freedom to engage in political activities in the North

Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) member, Dimuthu Attigala ties a bandana on a female activist at a protest campaign launched by the Free Women’s Movement in front of the Fort Railway Station yesterday, condemning the recent attack on the FSP member in Jaffna

Dimuthu Attigala, Central Committee Member of Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) and President of newly formed "Free Women" was attacked with furnace oil by an unknown group in the Jaffna town on 8th of October 2012. Dimuthu Attigala along with a few members of the party went to Jaffna to participate in an event organised in view of the International Children's Day. The van the team travelled was attacked with furnace oil.

Women activists protested in front of the Fort Railway Station recently to condemn the attack.

The following slogans were chanted aggressively at the protest by the women activists:~

Here goes terror; terror
RAJAPAKSA terror; terror
Through rowdies by threatening
Cultivates terror; terror

First spied then attacked
Tried to halt,but couldn’t
By throwing black bitumen
Tried to shush, but couldn’t

NO, NO, NO, never halts
Our fight,our struggle
Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims
For the peace of  our nation

RAJAPAKSA listen to this
Collapse your thug armies
Halt all annoying
To Jaffna our brothers

Attacked and didn’t let
Children’s day celebrations
Officers in judiciary
Assaulted in public place

Labour, peasant, student struggle
Suppress and bury down
Brotherhood of “MEDAMULANA”
Is chewing the whole country

All we want is harmony
Sinhala, Tamil harmony
Overriding racism
More and more harmony

Lalith and Kugan were kidnapped
Nimalaruban was murdered
Delrukshan was murdered
Detentions and militarisation

To the women in Jaffna
Showed the power of furnace oil
The houses at suppression
Sent thugs and terrified

Let these happen??? ~ NO, NO, NO
Shut up and wait??? ~ NO, NO, NO
Suppress and terrify
Are we afraidr??? ~ NO, NO, NO!!!

The women also demanded the freedom to engage in political activities in the North

"Let all the communities ~ Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese have and enjoy the "FREEDOM"" ~ women activists demanded

Dimuthu Attigala seen shouting slogans against the recent attack on her in Jaffna

 "Rajapaksa Juntas don't threaten us in militarised Jaffna!" women activists chanted

"Don't abduct,kill and threaten the people in Jaffna" ~ women protesters chanted

"Let's rally to protect democracy" ~ women activists continued to demand

 Despite extremely balmy weather in Colombo,women gathered to protest against recent attack in Jaffna

 "Don't; Don't; Don't use military to attack women in Jaffna!" ~ women activists kept chanting

"Corrupt; Corrupt; You are corrupt; Your government is corrupt!" ~ women activists kept chanting

"We will continue to fight whether you throw grease or mud" continued to chant women activists


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