Friday, May 06, 2011

Festival of Everlasting Prosperity and Eternal Success

Night's darkness is the bag that bursts with the GOLD of the dawn” ~Rabindranath Tagore, (7th May 1861 ~ 7th August 1941), (Indian Poet, Playwright and Essayist ~ Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913)

Specially made beautiful fresh flower garlands for the festival

Lovers of GOLD are celebrating the festival of prosperity and good fortune.The word "Akshaya Tritiya" means the never diminishing in Sanskrit, and the day is believed to bring good luck, eternal prosperity and success. Buying gold is a popular activity on “Akshaya Tritiya”, as it is the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold and gold jewelry bought and worn on this day signify never diminishing good fortune. There are a few legends behind the celebration of the festival. One legend is “Akshaya Tritiya” traditionally the birthday of Lord Parasuraman, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

"The hand that gives is the hand that gathers" ~ is a timeless truth. One of the important Secrets of the universe for manifesting material success is to first give with a pure heart. This act according to the Vedas brings back the money manifold. On “Akshaya Tritiya”, the returns are not just manifold, they are infinite. Gold stands for goodness, purity, wealth and social standing in some cultures; there is an added aura of sanctity and divinity.

The jewellery shops are traditionally decorated in style with fresh flower garlands and bunces of Banana at the main entrance. Shops opened earlier than usual to cater the customers and served sweets and hot drinks such as coffee or tea.

"Gold is an investment. Jaffna Tamils have been investing in gold for many decades. They see gold as a life long asset. I always make it a point to invest big or small in gold on this auspicious day. It brings joy and prosperity. I buy jewellery for my fiancée.It shows a symbol of love and affection" says DushiYanthan while blushes away from camera.

The auspicious day fell on the second day of the new moon in Hindu month Siththirai on Rohini star on 6th of May 2011.“Akshaya Tritiya” falling on a Rohini star day is considered more auspicious and the day becomes specially sacred.

Bananna trees, bunches of Banana, fresh flower garlands and "Thoranam" decorate the main entrance

Lalitha Jewellery ~ pioneers in fine gold jewellery since 1951. They are world renowned for the unique craftsmanship and commitment

Traditional Hindu welcome at the main entrance

Shanthi Nilimini is seen busy with business

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most widely celebrated festivals by the Hindus

Sugar cane candy and roasted Bengal gram are kept at the entrance to welcome the customers

Nishantha Perera, Jaganathan Sivananthan and Shanthi Nilmini are working out a price for a customer

Customers are seen busy buying gold

Hindus believe that buying gold on this auspicious day will multiply their wealth

Heavy downpour stopped for shopping


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